Janajatis denounce RJM agitation

Kathmandu, September 28:

A number of Janajati organisations today denounced the RJM for protesting against


RJM today called Nepal bandh claiming that Federalism would disintegrate the nation.

In a statement, Tamsaling Nepal National Party said the Nepali people had fought for their rights within Nepal.

Formation of federal states will not disintegrate the nation, he said.

“By wrongly interpreting genuine demands of the Nepali Indigenous Nationalities, the RJM has portrayed itself as an anti-Janajati party,” said Tek Bahadur Tamang, general secretary of the Tamang organisation.

Tamang accused the RJM of going against sentiments of those people, who sacrificed their lives for federalism.

“In the name of disintegration, the RJM is favouring status quo,” he said.

He warned that the TNNP was ready to retaliate against conspiracies hatched against the Nepali people, who want the formation of federal states to guarantee their rights.

“The RJM has called Nepal bandh against federalism at a time when the parliament is delaying the process of framing the constitution,” he said, pointing out that the two events were interrelated.

Tamang Hyul Council (YHC) also slammed the RJM for calling bandh against federalism.

“The bandh is undemocratic and against the spirit of the Interim Constitution,” YHC convener Dupwangel Moktan said in a press release.

“We have taken this bandh as the beginning of counter-revolution of reactionaries,” Moktan said.

He threatened to retaliate if such strikes are called again.

While Ram Bahadur Thapa, general secretary of the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, the the umbrella organisation of all indigenous nationalities of Nepal, said NEFIN was concerned about the protest of RJM against federalism.

“We may launch protests to counter programmes of the RJM if they continue to protest against our demand for federalism,” Thapa said.

He accused the RJM of standing against the will of a large number of Nepalis.