Japan lends a helping hand

KATHMANDU: Japan has handed over the project for the construction of new Kawasoti Substation implemented under the grant assistance of Japan to Nepal.

Addressing a function organised at the hand-over ceremony here today, Counsellor at the Embassy of Japan Tadashi Fujiwara said the project amounting to Rs 452 million has been implemented to address the unreliable electricity supply in Kawasoti area in Nawalparasi district.

He said that prior to implementation of the project, people in the district were suffering power disruptions caused by system overload due to the remotely-located transmission line and low capacity of the distribution system.

Around 200,000 people in Nawalparasi will directly benefit from the new Kawasoti Substation. He expressed hope that the project will help promote industries and enhance the living standards of local people by reducing poverty and economic disparity in the area.

The project was implemented in response to Nepal’s grant request to Japan in 2004.

According to the Japanese embassy, the power supply for Kawasoti area was earlier routed from Bharatpur Substation where the 132 KW power was transformed into 33 KV and sent back to the old Kawasoti Substation through 33 KV sub-transmission line.