Jhankri slams House dissolution


Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Dahal-Nepal faction leader Ram Kumari Jhankri today said that the dissolution of the House of Representatives was unconstitutional and not correcting the move would plunge Nepal into political disaster.

Speaking at her party’s programme in Damak of Jhapa, Jhankri feared the country might lose the political gains achieved through various struggles in the past. She said the country had no choice but to hit the streets as the country was going to lose democracy, republicanism and federalism.

“We have no choice but to wage street protests to bring the derailed politics back on track,” she added. She expressed confidence that the Nepali people, who had defeated the king, would trounce Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s autocracy sooner than later.

Jhankri said people and the country were forced to face the current situation because they had supported PM Oli’s fictitious goals of rails, ships and wind-generated electricity.