Job and career fair in Kathmandu targeting unemployed youths

KATHMANDU: The 'job and career fair' is taking place in the capital to open up avenues for employment opportunities for the unemployed youths.

At a press conference organised here on Wednesday, fair programme coordinator Shankar Bhattarai shared that the two-day fair has been organised to establish connection between employers and unemployed youths and create job opportunities for youths. "We are organising this fair to facilitate solution to the problem of unemployment by bringing the youths searching for job and company looking for aspiring youths", he shared, adding that, "The job aspirants file their applications for job to the company and the company select and offer job opportunity in course of the fair".

As many as 18 Nepali companies and two Indian companies will directly offer employment to qualified youths, in the fair to be organized at Nepal Police Club, Pradarshani Marga.

The companies have agreed to select the necessary human resource in the fair, Bhattarai informed.

Among the Nepali companies participating in the fair are Sipradi, Classi-tech, Birala Tyres, Subisu, Dish Home while Indian companies are Reliance, GO Mobile Company and Reliance Hotel.