‘Journos must be sensitive to public issues’

Bhaktapur, January 2

Surendra Kumar Karki, minister for Information and Communications said journalist should be more sensitive towards subjects related to the people.

They must be responsible to the social, cultural, health, economic and political development of the people, he said.

Speaking at the 5th Annual General Meeting of Active Journalists Forum, Bhaktapur, he said that media should be credible to its citizens as well as the nation.

He said, “Media is regarded as the fourth estate of the nation and it should not undermine the people’s feeling, culture, identity, religion. If the media creates havoc with national integrity and people’s trust, it can lead to negative impression.”

Addressing journalists of the nation, he said media has been helping to implement the law and informing people about the happenings in society and this should be continued to maintain the trust of the audience.

Similarly, Dorna Pokharel, Chief District Officer of Bhaktapur said the country still required to be taken to the peak of development and this can be possible with the help of media.

“The main responsibility of media is to serve the people by playing the role of interlocutor between the government and the public. To serve the nation, media must be accurate, balanced and credible. Journalists shouldn’t forget their code of ethics along with their responsibility.”

Sharing her experience among the mass, Kiran Rana, Superintendent of Police at Metropolitan Police office Bhaktapur, said that as a police officer serves the nation and the people, journalists should also perform their duty sincerely.

“The future of the people can depend on certain information from the media, so they must be more sensitive towards providing factual matters and they must avoid wrong information. News can affect the life of the people so journalists must pay attention to it.”