Judges’ meet later this month

Kathmandu, March 19:

All judges across the country will gather in Kathmandu later this month for the first such conference that will discuss several issues pertaining to the judicial sector, including judicial independence.

The conference will be held on March 31 and April 1. It will discuss several judicial issues, including judicial independence and strategic plan of the judiciary.

During the conference, the judges will also adopt the judges’ code of conduct in line with the Bangalore Principle to maintain the integrity of the judges.

“This will be the first conference of all judges of the country,” a Supreme Court justice told this daily. “We also are going to discuss the independence of the judiciary since the political parties have tried to intervene in the judiciary many times,” he added. Justice Prem Sharma will present a working paper on judicial independence and accountability of the judges while justice Kalyan Shrestha will present a working paper on the strategic plan and future perspectives of the judiciary. Meanwhile, SC assistant spokesperson Hemanta Rawal said the conference will adopt the code of conduct, which will help maintain integrity and competency of the judges.