JC issues code of conduct for judges

Kathmandu, November 29

The Judicial Council has issued the code of conduct for judges.

The code of conduct published in the Nepal Gazette on Monday requires the judges to perform their judicial functions without being motivated or affected by pressure, threat and personal relations directly or indirectly.

“The judges shall keep away from the influence of party politics and improper relations with the members of the legislature and executive bodies, and maintain judicial dignity,” it states.

The code of conduct also reflects and expresses fundamental values and morals which constitute the basis of the act of judicature and the behaviour and conduct of a judge.

As per the code of conduct, the judges are expected to demonstrate an exemplary judicial conduct to enhance public credibility towards the court and promote judicial independence.

“The judges shall carry out their functions and duties without any bias and impartiality and behave with the justice users in a free and fair manner. They shall not establish unnecessary relationship with any person in a manner to have adverse impacts on judicature,” it states.

The judges have also been barred from posting any comment on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter in a way that could affect the purity and impartiality to be adopted in the judicial process.

It prohibits them from seeking judicial favour in such cases in which their family members or relatives are defendants.

The code of conduct also bars judges from being affiliated to or opening any organisation or association.

It also bars the judges and their family members from accepting and demanding any donation, gift, money and other benefits from any person for any work done by the judges in the course of adjudicating cases.