#JusticeForNirmala: Activists call for protest tomorrow, authorities say don't

KATHMANDU: Rights activists have called for a protest programme tomorrow at Maitighar Mandala in a bid to remind the government of state-of-impunity arising out of authorities' failure to deliver justice to Nirmala Panta, the 13-year-old from Kanchanpur who was raped and murdered in July.

The call was made in the aftermath of the police pulling down posters containing slogans seeking justice alongside Nirmala Panta's iconic portrait and arresting activists for pasting the posters today.

However, the authorities have warned that the Home Ministry has issued orders not to allow any such demonstrations and to arrest those involved in such acts.

"Police had called to inform that home has issued direct orders to make arrests in case there are demonstrations," activist Pritam Subedi had tweeted.

Subedi was arrested and released today in the poster-row.