Kailali fracas politically motivated: HURPES

KATHMANDU: The Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES) today said that the incident that took place in Baliya VDC of Kailali three weeks ago was ‘politically motivated’.

At least four persons were killed, including a police constable and 25 others were injured during the scuffle with the police three weeks ago in Baliya.

Police personnel Padam Singh Air, lcoals Narendra BK, Sanjaya Dhakal and Ruplal Dagoura Chaudhari were killed in the incident.

A report, released here by HURPES on the Kailali tragedy, said around 36,000 people gathered there with an intention of seizing the jungle, but said the government administration intervened in it, leading to the death of the people.

The HURPES also added that the Maoist-affiliated Landless People’s Association issued its membership to one Ruplal Dagoura Chaudhari after his death.

The rights body also said that it had dispatched the investigation team under the coordination of Khadak Bahadur Shahi, which included human rights activists Kamal Raj Joshi, Durga Raj Joshi and Khema Thapa.

“The Association gathered the people in the area with a motive to seize the forest land. It was true that they lost their tempers. But what surprises us is that the government administration also lost its sensitivity in handling the situation,” it added.