Kartik Nach concludes

Lalitpur, November 4

Kartik Nach, which is one of the most popular dances performed at Patan Durbar Square, concluded today.

Various artistes depicted stories and mythical characters through their dance that lasted for 12 days.

On the last day of Kartik Nach, Lord Krishna’s story known as Dadhi Lila was presented through dance.

Kiran Chitrakar, chairman of Kartik Nach Samrakshan Samiti, said the dance performance is always concluded with Chhyama Puja — a puja performed seeking forgiveness for mistakes.

Twelve different kinds of mythical stories were depicted through Kartik Nach this year. Sudama Pyakha, Bath Pyakha, Usha Haran Lil, Jal Sayan, Baraha Awatar, Narsingh Awatar, Bastra Haran Lila and Dadhi Lila were performed this year.