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Kathmandu Metropolitan City preparing to build smart passenger waiting sheds

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Kathmandu, March 9

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is preparing to build smart passenger waiting sheds in various road sections of the city.

The proposed smart waiting sheds will feature digital display to ensure that passengers are not confused about which vehicle they should catch to reach the destination.

According to Kathmandu Metropolitan City, around 60 passenger waiting sheds of such kind will be established  at different locations. Four companies have proposed to construct the sheds on condition that they would be allowed to use digital display for publicity of their goods and services.

The companies displaying advertisement will also pay royalty to the metropolis.

Similarly, Kathmandu Metropolitan City is set to manage and refurbish the existing sheds situated in various places of Kathmandu.  Some of them are in dilapidated condition, while others have been occupied by street vendors, compelling the passengers to wait for vehicles under the open sky.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has also formed a task force led by Nhunchhekaji Maharjan, chair of ward no 18, to study the existing passenger waiting sheds and submit a report to the metropolis.

On Wednesday, the task force had inspected the sheds. It stated that there were sheds even in unnecessary places, while some locations were still awaiting such facilities.

“Even the size and space of the existing sheds are not uniformed. We are planning to manage the sheds, some of which date back decades, in a proper manner as per the need of the hour, to reduce the difficulties passengers face while waiting for vehicles,” he informed.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City will dislodge the sheds, which are considered needless, at the present time. It is part of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Bidhya Sundar Shakya’s ambitious plan of turning it into a smart city.

According to Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the task force has been mandated to identify and designate the locations of new waiting sheds.

The task force also includes representatives from Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Department of Roads and Transport Management Office, among others.


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