KMC public toilets in sorry state

Kathmandu, Nov 20

Most of the toilets in Kathmandu Metropolitan City are in sorry state. Some of them need maintenance whereas some others are not in usable condition due to lack of cleanliness.

For the poor condition of public toilets in the city, we cannot blame only the authorities concerned. People who use these toilets are also equally responsible.

Bindu Karki, who has been working as toilet cleaner for more than 10 years in the metropolis, said, “I was paid only Rs 3,500 per month for cleaning roads and toilets. We are not even provided with sweeper, mask and gloves for cleaning toilets.”

Gautam Pujari, who has been cleaning toilets for 10 years in the city,  complained that people didn’t flush after using toilets. “We have kept dustbins in toilets, but female users throw sanitary pads in the commodes instead of putting them in the dustbin.”

“Building public toilets is not everything, we should keep these toilets clean and should know how to use them properly,” said Prem Krishna Shrestha, chief of Environment Cleanliness section at of Water Supply and Sewage.