KMC to slap fine for littering public vehicles

Kathmandu, April 8

In a bid to improve public transport, the fourth municipal council meeting of Kathmandu Metropolitan City has proposed stringent punitive measures against people who litter public vehicles.

KMC proposed a fine of up to Rs 1,000 for littering public vehicles, and a fine up to Rs 500 for seeking discounts meant for students, senior citizens and persons with physical disability by producing fake identity cards.

The Vehicle and Transport Management Act endorsed by the municipal council yesterday envisions mandatory ticket system in all public vehicles.

The act also envisions fine for displaying obscene content, using vulgar and abusive language in public vehicles and causing damage to the vehicles.

Head of Law Department of KMC, Basanta Acharya, said such provisions were necessary to regulate public transport. “We are also trying to reduce traffic congestion during peak hours in core areas of Kathmandu,” said Acharya.

The act includes provisions on rights and responsibilities of drivers and conductors. According to the new provisions, drivers and conductors need to use decent language while talking to passengers and they are required to report cases of sexual abuse, robbery and vandalism inside public vehicles.

The law also pledges to support entrepreneurs to equip public transport with environment friendly technology. It also aims to support them with legal provisions in buying modern transport systems, including electric vehicles.

The council also decided to form a high-level monitoring committee to implement the new act effectively. Representatives from traffic police, municipal police, transport entrepreneurs and consumer rights activists will serve as members of the committee.

The committee will monitor whether bus drivers and conductors abide by the rules and regulations. The act endorsed by the council also makes it mandatory for public vehicle owners to equip their vehicles with first-aid kits, fire extinguishers and dustbins.