KMC warns against unauthorised digging of footpaths

Kathmandu, December 3

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has warned of stern action against unauthorised digging of footpaths in the city.

According to KMC, no one will be allowed to dig footpaths without its prior approval. If any governmental or non-governmental agency digs or damages footpaths for whatever valid reasons without KMC’s permission, they will be punished, said KMC officials.

Joint Spokesperson at KMC Namaraj Dhakal said they were compelled to take the move as governmental and non-governmental agencies were found digging and destroying footpaths rampantly.

“Earlier, we had directed them to coordinate with related agencies before digging footpaths. However, since such activities continue unabated we have decided to take action against them,” said Dhakal.

“Last week KMC repaired pavements along the Bir Hospital-Jamal stretch, but the same night the Project Implementation Directorate dug the footpath without even informing us,” he said, adding, “Such activities are so common that we have been left with no option but to introduce the provision of punishment.”

KMC has also decided to fine house-owners, shopkeepers, business houses, government offices and INGOs who do not maintain cleanliness in their surroundings.

Environment Management Department Chief at the KMC Hari Bahadur Kunwar said the metropolitan authority would clean the all areas of the city now, but would enforce the new rule strictly after completion of the second phase of provincial and parliamentary elections due for December 7.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has started sprinkling water on roads to control dust pollution. According to KMC, it has prioritised cleaning roads considering the serious risk that dust pollution poses to public health.

Due to ongoing road expansion and other construction work being carried out in different places of the metropolis, air pollution in the city has reached alarming levels. It has also been using a broomer machine to clean dusty roads in the city. KMC is also preparing to import advanced broomers from India to clean roads in the Valley.