Kathmandu private schools' fee being monitored

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Education has begun monitoring private schools in the Capital after they were found charging parents of their students irregularly.

The new academic year starts from mid-April, but the majority of the institutional or private schools have already completed entrance examinations and enrolment.

The proprietors of Paragon School were summoned after they were found to have increased tuition fee by 60 per cent, according to the District Education Office in Kathmandu. Other schools have also been found to have increased fee by 10 to 50 per cent.

District Education Officer of Kathmandu Jaya Prasad Acharya said that the monitoring would begin from the first week of the new academic year. He said the schools found charging fees against the standard would be punished.

Private schools in Kathmandu add different headings to charge exorbitantly although the Office has set a limit of Rs 3,675 as monthly fee up to secondary level.

There are 1,185 private schools in operation in Kathmandu district.