Khumbheshwor folk to have enough water soon

Lalitpur, January 19:

With support from various agencies, locals of Khumbheshwor tole, Lalitpur sub-metropolis-22, are working on a dream project that will make the chronic shortage of water a thing of the past. Within a month, every household there will have enough water.

Though the government started distributing piped water to the area years ago, locals

claim they have not received a drop of water through the piped network for 18 years.

Kontihiti, comprising five stone spouts at the Kumbheshwor tole, has been the only source of water for locals. Locals say issues related to water have triggered quarrels among people in the community.

LUMANTI - Support Group for Shelter — has provided technical assistance for installing the

system that will distribute piped water to every household in the community. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific, GTZ and Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City have also provided assistance. According to the users’ committee, the system will be ready in a month.

Fetching water home every day is a tough task, especially for those who have to walk for 30 minutes just to fetch a pail of water, says Aroj Kumar Khadgi, president of the users’ committee. “Besides the physical comfort, the piped water will also help maintain social harmony.”

Thousands of litres of water flows through these stone spouts every day. Most of it

goes waste at night. “The water that is going waste can be collected and utilised,” says Umesh Rupakheti, technical supervisor of LUMANTI.

A tower has been constructed and water tanks have been installed on top to collect water. “Each household will be provided with a minimum of 200 litres of water on a daily basis during the dry season. The quantum of supply will be increased during the rainy season.”