Kid’s kin accuse Kanti hospital of negligence

Kathmandu, July 3:

Relatives of a child admitted in Kanti Children’s Hospital have accused the doctors there of negligence while operating on the child.

Parents of 12-year-old Sara Gurung said today that the doctors in the hospital told them that the child had appendicitis and conducted a surgery. However, the same doctors later told them that Sara had not been suffering from the ailment but suspected TB.

Sara had been admitted to the hospital on June 24 where Dr Shanta Shakya operated on her.

“The doctors conducted a surgery for appendicitis, but they are now saying Sara is not suffering from the ailment,” said Kabiraj Gurung, Sara’s uncle.

A doctor attending Sara, Ram Narayan Chaudhary, said the operation was carried out as she showed symptoms of appendicitis.

Dr Chaudhary, however, said the doctors have now suspected TB to be the cause of her sickness.

He said the doctors have conducted a biopsy of her intestine to see whether she was suffering from TB and that the results are awaited. Gurung said he was surprised that the doctors have not been able to diagnose the case in nine days.