Kirats' press meet at gunpoint

KATHMANDU: Clad in combat fatigues and wielding pistols, members of the Kirat Republican Workers' Party today waded through the crowded Reporters' Club in the capital, threatening everyone to death. The incident that occcured on the broaday light came a day after Home Minister Bhim Rawal made public his avowed commitment to peace and security. Contrary to what the Home Minister had claimed — the five men armed to their teeth brazenly wielded pistols — at a press conference. They wore masks and waved pistols as they organised the press conference.

Five members of the KRWP were present at venue ahead of the press meet scheduled at 3 pm. The press meet kicked off half-an-hour late.

One of them suddenly showed off a small pistol hidden at his waist as soon as the secretary Rabin Kirati distributed the press statement. The press conference lasted hardly for about 10 minutes.

A youth who seemed to be a bodyguard of the leaders displayed his pistol and stood there for sometime for the photographers, and vanished in motorbikes.

Kirati warned Home Minister Rawal to avoid bloodbath by providing the list of 119 “so-called armed groups” to the international donor agencies.

He claimed that his party followed Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and Mundhum ideology and warned the home minister not to mistake them with other so-called armed groups as they were fighting for the establishment of federal state in the country.

"The home minister is trying to tag 119 armed groups as 'criminal groups' with the security strategy worth Rs 5 billion," he said.

He claimed that the press conference was organised as per the decision of the party. The statement has stated that the party has expelled its general secretary Binod Rai, central committee members: Dinesh Kirati, Mina Khambu and Bal Bahadur Rai, from today even from the general member of the party.

The press statement jointly signed by secretary Rabin and President Nabin Kirati, has accused general secretary Binod Rai for trying to damage the party being involved in creating fractions through the infiltration of national and international ethnic reactionary elements.

The party has accused Rai for using the donation collected from the districts including Kathmandu, Bhojpur and Khotang for personal matters, having illicit relationship with party member Mina Khambu, thus defaming the party.

They have also accused Rai for murdering Dhankuta district in-charge of the party Khagendra Limbu using criminal group, directed the party cadres to murder Narendra KC of Bhojpur violating party's working strategy, among others.

Besides, the underground group has also accused its central committee member Dinesh Kirati for sexually abusing Udayapur district committee member Sami Chamling, while another central member Bal Bahadur Rai "Parbat" has been accused of exposing the party's secrecy.