KMC diktat on hoardings

Kathmandu, September 6:

Pointing that pasting of stickers in the hoarding boards had become impractical due to frequent changes in advertisements, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has made it mandatory for the sponsors of these boards to put the stickers in a separate plate within mid-September. The practice had caused hassles to both KMC and sponsors. “We have asked the sponsors to use a separate plate for stickers (containing the hoarding board numbers) and registration numbers,” said Hari Kunwar, revenue officer at KM-C’s Revenue Department.

Kunwar said some 350 out of 700 hoardings erected within the city had been registered at the KMC. The head of the Revenue Department, Shankar Kandel, said unregistered ho-arding boards will be removed if the sponsors do-n’t turn up for registration within mid-September.

Asked why stickers have not so far been attached with the hoarding boards, he said: “The registered clients are making preparations to keep the stickers with their respective registration numbers.”