KATHMANDU: To manage garbage generated in the Kathmandu Valley in a scientific manner, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is contemplating over a new garbage processing system before inviting the private sector to set up the proposed garbage plant.

Devendra Dongol, Senior engineer at the KMC, today said that the new processing system was to be in place before the proposed handing over of the garbage management to the private sector takes place.

"We are now negotiating with a German company, which is positive about transferring technology they have developed for the developing countries," he said.

Dongol said a discussion to this effect with the stakeholders is likely in two weeks from now on.

Rabin Man Shrestha, chief at the Environment Division, KMC, confirmed that a German team was arriving here on November 30.

"They have assured us both 'Euro technology' and financial support," he added.

“Once we are able to get the German technology, it becomes cheaper and feasible to segregate, process, recycle and reuse garbage," experts said.

The KMC was unable to process the waste in the last 30 years without a scientific garbage processing mechanism.

The KMC, which spends more than Rs 300 million annually on garbage management, had traditionally been dumping the garbage for the last 30 years.

"Until now, we had been wasting a great deal of money on dumping garbage traditionally and were unable to reuse the garbage for a productive end," Dangol said.

According to the KMC, about 350 metric tons of garbage is produced in KMC on daily basis.

The government had earlier floated the proposal for setting up a garbage-fuelled plant in the Valley based on the public-private partnership.

China to give 108 vehicles to KMC

Kathmandu: Chinese government is providing Kathmandu Metropolitan City with 108 vehicles in order to facilitate the latter in waste management in the Capital. The assistance is worth Rs 100 million.

Rabin Man Shrestha, chief, Environment Management Division, KMC, said the KMC had received a letter from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu to that effect. "We have forwarded our letter of acceptance to the embassy," he added.

According to the municipal sources, the deal was finalised during the visit of Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala to the northern neighbour.

The KMC, however, had asked for only 60 vehicles. "The cooperation will equip us to perform our job better," said Shrestha. There are 50 trucks, 30 containers, five ambulances, two safety tank cleaners, two road cleaners, two loaders, two road sweepers and two water sprayers in the assistance. — HNS