KMC launches skill training for urban poor

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has pioneered a skill-oriented training to those living in poverty situation in the metropolis.

"We are providing different types of training to low-income people, including Dalits, indigenous groups and all those deprived of education and are isolated socially and culturally," said Kumari Rai, Section Chief, Community Development and Social Welfare Division, KMC.

"The beneficiary could be women, youths or elderly. All interested people living in the metropolis are welcomed to apply for the training," she said.

The trainings included ailoring, embroidery, beauty parlour, mobile phone repairing, candle manufacturing, computer, electric wiring, plumbing, radio announcing, culinary, motor-cycle repairing, photography, videography, and driving.

The training is provided at a time to each group consisting of 10-30 persons.

The targetted focus of the training programme is on poor people, especially those migrating from outside the capital and living in such settlements as Tilganga, Dhalko, Ramghat and Sabal Bahal.

The training has been funded under the poverty reduction grants being channeled by the Ministry of Local Development, since last fiscal.

Of the total grant amounting to Rs 190 million allocated by the MoLD towards poverty reduction, 15 percent has been earmarked for the training.

"The first phase of the training was completed before Tihar," said Rai.

Some 250 persons have so far benefited from the skill-development training on a number of themes," she said, adding, "We will soon start the second phase of training."

The challenge in implementing the enterprising initiative, however, lurks from lack of motivation among trainees.

Of the total of 700 persons, who filed their applications, only half the number turned up at the training. And the number of applicants for plumbing was nil, Rai bemoaned.

In the next phase, the civic body is to provide training on plumbing, cooking, motorcycle repairing, video and photography training, tailoring and cosmetician.

"We are busy collecting list of the candidates while also working on poverty mapping of the KMC," Rai said.

Under its elaborate and systematic plan of action, the trainees will have to pay a nominal fee ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 2,000.

"The fee would be determined by the nature of the training," Rai said.

Tailoring, beauty parlour, mobile repairing and candle making are provided by the Small and Cottage Industry Training Centre, she said.

Centre for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) will provide computer-related training, electric wiring and plumbing, while the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management will offer culinary training.