KMC, Sajha to operate electric buses in Valley

Kathmandu, December 18

Sajha Yatayat Cooperative today provided a certificate of 200,000 unit of shares to the office of Kathmandu Metropolitan City as part of their agreement to operate urban public transport services.

The 200,000 unit of shares is valued at Rs 20 million at the rate of Rs 1,000 per share. Mahendra Raj Pandeya, acting chief executive officer of Sajha Yatayat, handed over the shareholder certificate to KMC chief Rudra Singh Tamang at the latter’s office.

After receiving the certificate, Tamang expressed confidence that the collaboration between the metropolis and Sajha Yatayat would make public transport services in the Kathmandu Valley more dependable and efficient.

“The KMC has provided Sajha Yatayat Rs 20 million in the first phase for operation of electric vehicles as per the agreement between the two parties,” he informed.

Stating that a global tender had already been issued for the procurement of electric buses, Pandeya said Sajha Yatayat would award the KMC additional one million unit of shares after the metropolis provides it with the remaining Rs 80 million.

Sajha Yatayat will issue the KMC shares equivalent to the cash invested for the operation urban public transport service. The KMC and Sajha Yatayat had concluded the agreement in July for operation public safe and sustainable public transport services in the Valley.

Both the parties will share the revenue generated from the joint venture.

They are preparing to import as many as 30 electric buses for the purpose. According to KMC sources, it is likely to receive 20 emission-free buses on grant and will pay for 10 others.