KMC to recover all dues in three years

Defaulter staffers of the metropolis to face pay cut

Kathmandu, October 5:

The upcoming budget and programmes of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) will come up with a plan to recover all advance money taken by the people concerned within three years, Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya, the chief executive officer of the KMC, told The Himalayan Times today.

The Kathmandu metropolis is preparing to turn the task force formed to recover ‘advance money’ taken by employees, people’s representatives and other local organisations, into a section, Thapaliya said.

The KMC is yet to recover “advance money” amounting to Rs 420 million. It has no section to regulate its income and expenditure.

The proposal to turn the task force into a permanent body will be passed by the upcoming board meeting of the KMC. The performance of the task force headed by Bikram Adhikary, the chief of the Administrative department, is not satisfactory, Thapaliya said. “As Adhikary and his department have not cleared dues, the KMC has been recovering the dues from Adhikary’s salary,” Thapaliya said.

“The members of the task force would be given full authority to recover all dues.”

Responding to letters sent by the KMC, former peoples’ representatives, including a former deputy mayor, Bidur Mainali, are inquiring as to how they can clear their dues. “Hundreds of letters have been sent to the defaulters, asking them to clear their dues. However, the task force teams have not visited their places yet,” Thapaliya added.

The convener of the task force, Adhikary, said the KMC would begin deducting dues from salary of the KMC staffers, who fail to clear their dues within the 15-day deadline that ends right after the Dashain holidays.