Kathmandu, June 18 :

As per the direction issued by the Ministry of Local Development, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) will now work under the guidance of the representatives sent by the

seven parties.

The ministry on June 7 had authorized the chief executive officer with all the powers, including that of the board and council of the metropolis, sending a letter. The executive head has, therefore, formed eight different committees to make his “works easier” which the officers have criticized claiming that was the ‘technique’ to hold them responsible of the decisions he takes.Besides the letter has also stated that the executive officer should work in coordination with the mechanism set by the representatives of the agitating seven parties. “Though I have been provided full authority to decide on the matters of the KMC,

I will only work in close consultation with the representatives of the seven parties,” said Padma Raj Regmi, the executive head of KMC.

The representatives of the seven parties includes former deputy mayor Bidur Mainali from UML, Chiranjivi Nidhi Tiwari from NC, Dhyan Gopal Ranjit from NC (D), Murali Prasad Singh from Nepal Sadbhawana Party (Aandidevi), Sarita Maharjan from Janamorcha Nepal, Ram Chandra Balami from CPN (ML) and Sanak Man Maharjan of Nepal Workers and Peasants’ Party and Kalpana Rana represents Samyukta Bammorcha Nepal. The first meeting was held last Friday during which the representatives had demanded the progress report and works to be completed which the employees had sent it to their respective party offices after the meeting was over.

“We discussed over the modalities to move ahead,” said one of the participants Ram Chandra Balami. “The executive head has the authority to decide but he should take ‘mandate’ from the parties’ representatives before going for implementation.” He also said that the representatives have the given KMC officials mandate to continue its regular works.Balami also said the provision was only for the next one month and the government will devise another provision for the next fiscal year.

However, former deputy mayor of KMC Bidur Mainali said the party’s representatives only give their suggestions to the KMC officials.