KMC unprofessional, say Icchumati locals

Kathmandu, April 17:

Locals of Icchumati, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward No 31 have given 72-hour ultimatum to the KMC to restart the road construction, which they had left half done.

“The Ichhumati road was gravelled by the contribution of the locals in 2006. In December 2007, the KMC started construction of the road with the help of the locals, but left it unfinished, assuring locals that the construction would begin shortly. But even after four months, the KMC has taken no heed to restart the work,” stated a press statement issued by Icchumati Tole Sudhar Samiti.

“The unfinished dusty and bumpy road has been troubling the locals and even passersby in the area, creating health problems. But despite request from the locals, the KMC has paid no heed,” the release stated.

The ITSS has given 72-hour ultimatum, beginning 5 am today to the KMC to begin the road construction. “If the construction is further delayed, we would be forced to block the road,” the release stated. It added: “KMC would be held

responsible for any inconvenience caused to the people during the road blockade.”