KMC urged to implement restoration policy pronto


The Kathmandu Durbar Square Conservation Committee has urged the Kathmandu Metropolitan City to implement the policy for restoration, protection and redevelopment of the destroyed structures of Kathmandu Durbar Square.

KDSCC complained that KMC had failed to do the needful to implement the policy that was drafted with agreement in the past for restoration of the damaged heritage sites.

The earthquake of April 25 and it subsequent aftershocks damaged temples, alleys, chowks, resting platforms and stone spouts in the heritage site. Numerous schools and health posts in ward no 19, 20, 23 and 25 had also suffered severe damage.

KDSCC has demanded that the metropolis renovate, restore and rebuild the damaged heritage structures without bringing any changes to their original historical and traditional architecture.

“Participation of local community with the stakeholders is a must for the proper restoration of the damaged structures to retain their original architecture,” Digambar Shrestha, president of KDSCC, said.

He stressed that timely change should be made in the existing tender procedures to restore the damaged structures, stressing that temples renovated five-seven years ago could not withstand the April 25 earthquake. The damaged temples should be restored on the basis of consumer process with wage system and the locals should be included compulsorily after giving proper training to them.

“The stakeholders should redevelop the damaged ancient city and settlements by maintaining the original outlook. The sociological and historical values, traditional arts and beliefs represented by the ancient monuments should not be altered while redeveloping the city by including the locals,” Shrestha said, adding “The inclusion of locals in restoration and redevelopment will generate employment opportunities to for those who have to go through trials and tribulations in the aftermath of disasters.”

KMC and other stakeholders are expected to include locals not just in restoration and redevelopment of the heritage sites but also in raising mass awareness about its financial, social and political benefits.