Koirala praises army

Bhaktapur, August 22:

Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Girija Prasad Koirala, today said that the Nepali Army (NA) has played a significant role to protect the independence, sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Koirala said this in a message sent to a programme organised at Kharipati of Bhaktapur today to confer the posts of commissioner on participants in an Army Officer Cadet Training-48.

The NA should establish itself as the servant of the nation that is committed to the democratic norms and values, Koirala said.

Moreover, the fame and name earned by the NA through its involvement in the world peace campaign launched by the United Nations in the conflict-hit countries has made the Nepalis proud in the international arena, Koirala said.

The letter sent by Koirala was read out by Chief of the Army Staff, Rookmangud Katawal.

Altogether 216 army cadets, including 30 women, had participated in the 15-month training.