KUKL to release water distribution schedule

Kathmandu, May 21:

The Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) is set to make public the schedule of water distribution for the public in the core city areas of the capital very soon.

This is the first time that a schedule of water distribution is going to be published in Nepal and it is expected to provide some relief to city denizens who are hit hard by the lack of knowledge about the schedule of water supply to their houses.

The KUKL will divide the core city areas into several sections and distribute water to these areas according to pre-announced schedules. For this, branch managers of the respective branches have already prepared the schedules, which are currently under discussion at the central level, a source said.

“Water in the core city areas will be distributed in schedules. After this, the consumers will at least know when water would be released in their taps,” said Gyanesh Nanda Bajracharya, the deputy general manager of KUKL.

He added that instead of distributing little water daily, the KUKL would collect the water for several days and supply it in bulk to the households at regular interval of a few days. However, it was not clear how the KUKL would address the problem of those households, which do not have reserve tanks.

The KUKL said almost all water sources in the Valley located are outside the core city and the population has gone up in the surrounding areas as well. It said when water is released from the sources; it is consumed first in the surrounding areas and very little water reaches the core city areas. This has led to increased water crisis in areas like Tahachal, Kirtipur, Dallu and other core city areas west of Tundikhel.

“This means residents in core city areas are always short of water supply. Our aim is to ensure balanced supplies to different areas,” Bajracharya said.

The KUKL has already been practicing this kind of distribution for the last two weeks as an experiment.