Landslip halts garbage disposal

KATHMANDU: The garbage of the Kathmandu Valley scheduled to be dumped at Aletar will take a few more days due to incomplete preparation.

"The preparation is yet to be completed to arrange shelters for vehicles and its staff at the site," said Dr Sumitra Amatya, General Manager at the Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilisation Centre under the Ministry of Local Development. "It will take a few more days to manage everything," he said.

Rabin Man Shrestha, Chief, Environment Division, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, said that the road to Aletar is in a bad shape because of the incessant rainfall in the last few days, delaying the disposal of the Valley garbage. "About 200 metres of road in this section were obstructed due to the landslide," said Shrestha. "It is urgent to dispose garbage at Aletar as there is no capacity to dump waste at Sisdole landfill site," he added.

Every day, about 400 metric tons of garbage is disposed at Sisdole landfill site, which was already filled. After obstruction of garbage by the local residents of Sisdole, an agreement was made with them and another separate agreement with Aletar locals was recently signed regarding compensation. Aletar is about 27 km away from Kathmandu.

"The deal is signed but it is uncertain whether they will obstruct or allow the disposal," said Amatya. "We are working afoot to do everything we can to dispose the garbage at Aletar.''