Lawyer files complaint seeking protection

Kathmandu, February 1

Senior Advocate Surendra Bhandari today filed a complaint at Nepal Bar Association, demanding that NBA protect his life, civil liberty and professional interests.

In the complaint, Bhandari said Chief Justice Parajuli called him on January 10 and 25 and threatened to kill him.

He stated that on January 10, when he pleaded on behalf of Dr Govinda KC, who faced contempt of court charge, CJ Parajuli called him to his chamber and told him that he did not want to fight with Dr KC, but if Dr KC could tell the court that what he said against CJ Parajuli was in a fit of rage, then the court could dismiss the case.

Bhandari said he told CJ Parajuli that Dr KC could have his own reasons for labelling accusations against him and it would be better to investigate who — Dr KC or CJ Parajuli — was wrong. Bhandari said on that day CJ Parajuli said over phone that he would kill him. Bhandari also said last Thursday CJ Parajuli again threatened to kill him for criticising him in a newspaper article.

Bhandari said two persons barged into his law chamber in Shankhamul and menacingly enquired about him.

Bhandari had lodged a complaint at District Administration Office, Kathmandu, yesterday accusing him of threatening to kill him. Bhandari had also demanded security from the DAO. Nepal Police has written to the concerned unit to provide security to Bhandari.