Kathamadu, January 20:

The Bhaktapur District unit of the Nepal Bar Association today condemned imposition of curfew in Kathmandu valley in the daytime without any solid ground.

“This is nothing but to terrorise people,” said the Bar body, adding: it is an unconstitutional move of the government to arrest and detain the political leaders who had planned a peaceful mass meeting in the valley today without any strong ground.

Issuing a press release, the secretary of the Bar Unit, Devendra Shrestha, demanded the government to immediately free the detained political leaders, human rights activists and civil society members.

The Bar Unit also said that it was a naked violation of international human rights laws by arresting the leaders, civil society members and rights activists without any strong base.

“We demand restoration of right to peaceful assembly, freedom of speech and expression because these are the fundamental freedom of the people guaranteed by the Constitution,” the press release added.