Leaders call for Dalit unity

Kathmandu, August 5:

Leaders of major political parties today called for a unity among the Dalits for better opportunities during the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections.

“Dalits should go to the CA polls in unison for better representation,” said Arjun Nursing KC, the Nepali Congress central committee member. He was addressing an interaction organised by the Dalit NGO Federation in coordination with the Care Nepal and the European Union.

He alleged that the political parties are adopting a ‘split and rule’ formula to have their influence upon the dalits.

KC also said that the constitution should incorporate all voices of the people, including the Dalits, Madheshis, Janajatis and other deprived groups.

“First become a dalit and then a cadre of a political party,” he said.

Minendra Rijal of the Nepali Congress-Democratic said the chances of Dalits being elected in the CA polls are very slim.

MP Hridayesh Tripathee said that not only the rulers but the sufferers, including the Dalits, are also to blame for the community’s plight. He said the second amendment of the statute did not incorporate the issues of the Dalits, Madheshis, women and other deprived communities.