Let's join hands for consensus, says CPN-UML

Kathmandu, June 4

A standing Committee meeting of the CPN-UML on Saturday urged all the political parties to join hands for implementation of the constitution, completion of reconstruction, protection of national interests and for achieving the goal of economic prosperity.

UML Secretary Pradip Gyawali told The Himalayan Times that party leaders decided to appeal to all political parties, including the Nepali Congress and Madhesi parties, to join hands for resolving national issues. He said party leaders also discussed the so called gentlemen’s agreement.

According to Gyawali, UML Chair and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli denied entering any gentlemen’s agreement with the CPN-Maoist Centre Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal. “CPN-MC leaders had brought a three-point document, but I told them that I would rather resign right away than commit to resign after endorsement of the budget as stated in the document,” Gyawali said.

“Committing to resign after endorsement of the budget is like an old man wishing to die after seeing his grand children. I cannot do that,” Gyawali quoted PM Oli.

“UML is ready to form a consensus government but if it cannot be formed, then I do not think there is need to change the incumbent government,” Gyawali added.  He said party leaders were of the view that if other parties did not join hands to form a consensus government then his party would try to seek their help in implementing the constitution and resolving other national issues.

“During the constitution making process, the UCPN-M and the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Democratic were in opposition, yet they collaborated in the constitution making process. Opposition parties, including the NC, can help the country by following the same model,” Gyawali added. He said the NC had supported Dahal to form a majority government with the sole aim of dislodging the incumbent government.

“Dahal wants to form a government, but can he ensure that the NC will join his government and Madhesi parties will stop agitating? Can external forces expressing displeasure with our constitution change their stance?” Gyawali wondered.

The meeting also hailed the new budget and decided to carry out national programmes to build environment conducive to implementation of the budget.