Light to heavy rains forecast until tomorrow

Kathmandu, August 5

The Meteorological Forecasting Division has predicted heavy rains in some parts of  western, mid and eastern regions until Tuesday.

According to a three-day weather forecast published by the MFD today, many parts of the country are likely to receive light to moderate rains while heavy rains have been forecast in places of the western, mid and eastern regions with cloudy skies throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the Flood Forecasting Section under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has said that the water level in all major rivers — Mahakali, Koshi, Karnali, Babai, Western Rapti, Narayani, Bagmati, Kamala and Kankai — is likely to remain below the danger mark until tomorrow morning.

“After tomorrow morning onwards, the water flow in all rivers will gradually rise. The water level in the Babai River is predicted to cross the warning level while the Rapti River is likely to witness the water flow close to the red mark,” the FFS said. There are also chances of flash floods in small rivers and rivulets, including Bana, Machheli, Mohana, Kandra, Man Khola, Daduwa, Jhinjhari and Prabasotanala, it warned.

“Small rivers and rivulets in the hill areas are also likely to be swollen due to moderate to heavy rains,” the FFS said. The water level in all rivers in the country is predicted to rise close to red mark before receding after evening onwards on Monday. “The water flow in the rivers is likely to come down to its normal on Tuesday,” it informed.  FFS has appealed to the people living in river basins, floodplains and landslide-prone areas to maintain high alert for potential floods. People have also been advised to attach priority to preparedness and response.