Load-shedding here to stay despite rain

Kathmandu, August 3:

Consumers will have no relief this year as Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is not shortening load shedding period despite the monsoon and incessant rainfall in different parts of the country.

NEA used to shorten the load-shedding hours, at least for some weeks or months, during monsoon.

An official at the Nepal Electricity Authority said there was little chance of cutting load-shedding hours this monsoon. “Instead the load shedding period may increase from December,” he added.

“Though the water level in the rivers -- both at run-off river projects and storage projects -- is on the highest, the increased discharge will not be enough to meet energy shortfall. Load-shedding is here to stay this monsoon,” said Sher Singh Bhat, chief of power dispatch division of the NEA.

He said that the nation was facing indefinite power deficit as power generation has lagged behind compared to rapidly growing demand for energy.

While the present electricity demand is 700 MW, hydropower projects can generate only 500 MW even if all the projects run in full capacity. NEA imports around 70-80 MW from India. Even with it, the country is facing power deficit of 100-150 MW. “Some power stations develop problems during the rainy seasons and cannot generate electricity as per their capacity,” he said.