Local bodies directed to prohibit discharge of sewage into river

Kathmandu, July 13

Environment Management Section under the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development today directed the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, all sub-metropolitan cities and municipalities and district development committees to strictly prohibit solid waste disposal and discharge of sewage into the river.

According to the MoFALD, the directive was issued as local bodies showed reluctance to implement the February 17, 2014 decision of the ministry.

The ministry had decided to direct the KMC, all sub-metropolitan cities, municipalities and DDCs to prohibit solid waste disposal and discharge of sewage into the river and opt for alternatives in coordination with the concerned stakeholders.

As per the Solid Waste Management Act, 2011, it is the responsibility of local bodies to manage solid waste.

The local bodies have also been instructed to make necessary arrangements to ensure that solid waste is covered properly, does not fall and no seepage occurs while being transported. “Solid waste should not emit bad odour while being transported for disposal,” the ministry said to the local bodies.

The rule will be applicable even in the case of transportation of pebbles, crushed stones, sand and other river products. “There should be no seepage from vehicles carrying construction materials, and tippers or trucks ferrying such materials are required to be covered with a tarpaulin,” the ministry informed.