Local representatives barred from smoking, getting drunk during duty hours

Kathmandu, June 16

The local level office-bearers’ code of ethics developed by the Ministry of Federal Affairs has prohibited elected representatives from getting drunk or consuming tobacco products, including gutkha and betel leaf, at office or while on duty.

“No office-bearer of the local levels shall get drunk and smoke or use tobacco products on the premises of the office and in the meeting hall. Office-bearers are also strictly barred from gambling and betting in public places,” read the model code of ethics circulated by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development to all local levels today.

It has also imposed a ban on office-bearers from applying for permanent residency and diversity visa of any foreign country. They have been told to maintain good social practices and to refrain from ostentatious celebration of wedding, bratabandha and pasni (rice feeding ritual), among other events.

“Eve teasing office-bearers, employees, service-seekers and general public of opposite sex, sexual harassment, showing lewd photos and videos shall be punishable under the existing laws,” it read.  Sexist remarks, both in verbal or writing or through any medium, that give a clear indication of discrimination between males and females shall not be made.  “At the same time, office-bearers shall avoid the use of clichés and phrases derogatory to the dignity of women while discouraging the worst form of child labour,” it stated.

It will also require the office-bearers to make disclosure of their facilities and allowances they enjoy in the capacity of elected representatives. They have also been prohibited from accepting or asking for any gift and donation in the course of carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

“The office-bearers shall not attend a celebratory feast hosted by any person, who has invited them to the gathering to win their favour for anything whatsoever,” read the code of ethics.