LSC to collect data on Lichchhavi inscriptions

LALITPUR: The Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City is all set to collect the data of stone inscriptions belonging to the Lichchhavi period in the city by the end of the current fiscal. Lichchhavi period (AD 330 - 879) is known as the golden age of Nepali culture and architecture.

The LSC boasts of age-old Nepali art, culture, heritage and history. Among them, Patan Durbar Square is also listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

“This is the first time the LSC is carrying out a survey on the stone inscriptions in a bid to preserve its history and culture,” said Saubhagya Pradhananga, culture and archaeology officer at the LSC. “We could not carry out the survey earlier, as the council meeting to approve

the budget could not take place,” she added.

According to the LSC, there were 24 such monuments in the LSC belonging to the Lichchhavi period which were still unrecorded. “We don’t know about the condition of those monuments,”

she conceded.

The LSC had allocated Rs 2.2 million in the current budget for the preservation of historical and cultural monuments in the city. However, the budget was approved only three weeks ago.

There are about 2,000 historically important places in the municipality.