Lunar eclipse observed

Kathmandu, August 28:

A total lunar eclipse occurred this evening from 6:30 pm, when the Earth threw a shadow on the moon blocking the sunlight that normally reflects on the moon.

The penumbra (partial shadow, where the light source is partially blocked) phase of eclipse was seen from 6:30 to 7:07 pm from Nepal, but the cloudy sky obstructed proper view from Kathmandu.

The moon entered penumbra at 1:38 pm and umbra (darkest part of a shadow, where the source of light is completely blocked) at 2:36 pm and left the umbra at 6:08 pm and penumbra at 7:07 pm.

Only the partial penumbral eclipse could be seen from Nepal because the ending umbral phase was already over before moonrise. The moon appeared slightly dimmer than usual.

According to the Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO), eclipse watchers living in the Western Hemisphere and eastern Asia could enjoy the sight partially.