KATHMANDU: Cardiologists on Saturday unveiled an alarming rate at which the number of heart patients is increasing all over the world.

Every year, heart disease claims the lives of 17.5 million people worldwide, said Uma Kanta Chaudhary, Minister for Health and Population.

Speaking at a programme to mark the World Heart Day, celebrated on last Sunday of September, Chaudhary said, “Public awareness could minimise deaths.”

Dr Bharat Rawat said that with proper treatment, more than 90 percent of cardiac attacks could be cured.

He appealed people to follow ‘MADE’ mantra (mental relaxation, avoid alcohol and tobacco, balance diet and exercise) to keep safe.

Basanta Kumar Chaudhary, chairperson, Norvic Hospital blamed that the government was unable to provide health services to all and the private hospitals were almost unaffordable.

Around four million, approximately 15 percent of the total population, in Nepal have heart problems, data from the Ministry of Health and Population have shown.