Mahato warns of blockading Capital

KATHMANDU: Chairman of Sadbhavana Party Rajendra Mahato on Sunday threatened to impose a virtual blockade of Kathmandu if Madhesi demands were not addressed in the final draft of the constitution.

Addressing an interaction organised by Reporters’ Club here on Sunday, Mahato said his party had already decided to quit the CA and leave Kathmandu to intensify the struggle in Madhes. He urged other Madhesi parties to be ready to quit the CA and join hands in an agitation.

“Madhes will witness a movement that was never seen in history. We will wait till the final draft of the constitution and if our demands are not addressed in it, we will quit the CA, padlock our Kathmandu office and go to Madhes,” Mahato said.

He said the international community, which wanted past agreements respected, would support the Madhesis’ movement.

Mahato warned major parties not to boast of their majority saying the Madhesis had revolted against the Interim Constitution when it was adopted with the consent of all eight political parties including the CPN-M and they forced the parties to amend the Interim Constitution.

Mahato said if federal units were not created in the new constitution with clear demarcation of their boundaries, federalism might never be implemented and such a statute could push Madhes 50 years back.