KATHMANDU, July 25 Police have arrested a man who meted out mental torture to his alleged girlfriend and uploaded video on the Internet showing him having sex with her. According to the Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Gaman Rokaya, 28, of Simikot-3, Humla was arrested from his home district yesterday and brought to Kathmandu to proceed with legal action against him. An official said he filmed their video and stole her Facebook ID when the they were in good terms. “After their relationship tuned sour, Rokaya used her Facebook account and uploaded intimate videos on the social networking site, while sharing it with her Facebook friends,” the official informed. He has been charged under the Electronic Transactions Act, 2008. Any person involved in cyber crime is liable to Rs 100,000 in fine or five years in jail or both under Article 47 of the Act. Data maintained by the MPCD said police have handled as many as 30 cases of cyber crimes so far last fiscal compared to 20 in the previous fiscal year in Kathmandu Valley. Crimes related to social networking sites accounted for the largest number of cases. Cases of website hacking, SMS threats and copyright have also been reported. The MPCD warned that cyber crime had been posing threats to personal security, dignity and identity in recent times with growing number of users having access to the Internet and social networking sites. The MPCD has cautioned all the users not to share their passwords, frequently change their passwords and to be more cautious about privacy and safety before accepting friendship requests. It said it is not possible for police to bring the guilty to book until and unless a victim categorically identifies the suspects in a complaint .