Manage teachers working on lien: Department of Education

The teachers working on lien will be appointed on seniority basis and temporary basis to the same post

Bhaktapur, August 11

The Department of Education has asked Regional Education Directorates (REDs) and District Education Offices (DEOs) across the country to properly manage teachers working on lien in government schools for many years.

Earlier, due to lack of various subject teachers, the public schools had assigned permanent teachers working in junior posts to teach at higher levels on temporary basis as there were no permanent teachers in those levels.

After the Teachers Service Commission recruited permanent teachers in higher grades, those permanent teachers engaged in teaching higher grades on temporary basis had to return to their previous posts.

After they returned to their original posts, teachers working on lien were displaced. A Cabinet decision on August 6 had directed the Ministry of Education to manage those teachers working on lien. The Cabinet had asked the government to prepare the working procedure at the district level for hiring teachers working on lien on a temporary basis or on relief grants basis in the same schools as far as possible.

The Cabinet had also urged the government to select teachers on the basis of seniority. DoE had sent a circular to RED and DEOs with details of the cabinet decision on August 9. DoE has also asked DEOs to accomplish the task by August 17.

Khagendra Nepal, spokesperson, DoE, today said that they had directed the respective districts to manage teachers as per the cabinet decision.

He said, “Earlier, we had asked the teachers to return to their previous positions where they were appointed on permanent basis by August 17, but the cabinet decision had supported proper management of teachers working on lien.” He further said that the teachers working on lien would be appointed on seniority basis and if possible on temporary basis, in the same post.

Meanwhile, Teachers Management Section of DoE said that they were yet to get data on the number of teachers working on lien basis across the country.