Kathmandu, February 9:

The National Struggle Committee of the Victims of Maoists’ Atrocities, a newly formed joint committee of all the victims’ associations, today captured the land at Tinkune and put up makeshift huts to press the government to fulfill their 13-point demand.

Bhojraj Timilsina, co-ordinator of the committee said they would not leave the place until their demands were met. He said they would invite other victims and add to the number of huts as and when required. “There is no dearth of number of victims, ” he said. However, there were hardly a hundred victims so far involved in erecting the huts today. Their major demands include appropriate compensation to the properties’ damaged, employment for the youths, make public the people detained by the Maoists and return of all the property confiscated by the Maoists.

“This will be the final effort to draw the attention of government to the problems of people, who were tortured, stripped off their property and thus were internally displaced in their land,” said Timilsina.