KATHMANDU: The Politburo meeting of the Unified CPN-Maoist Thursday wrapped up discussion on various aspects of the new constitution.
“We had a serious discussion on the content of the new constitution in the last three days,” said Dinanath Sharma, spokesperson, UCPN-M.
“Expression of opinion on the new constitution has been over. Chairman Prachanda will summarise and finalise it tomorrow,” he told reporters. The meeting will resume at 11 am tomorrow. The secretariat meeting is said to have discussed the issue for two days, earlier.Sharma said his party was serious about the statute as it should be acceptable to all the nationals.
“We want a constitution that would last for centuries,” he said. “State restructuring was discussed earlier but without a clear-cut concept about it. The restructuring should convince all the parties in the Constituent Assembly,” Sharma added.
Stating that ethnicity and caste were not the bases of state-restructuring his party was lobbying for,Sharma said,”We need to understand that ethnicity, caste and nationalities are different things,” he said, citing the example of Indian states such as Punjab and Tamil Nadu.
The meeting also discussed the governance system to be adopted in the new constitution. “Most
of us are in favour of a
presidential system but the issue of empowering the organisation of peoples’ representatives was also raised,” he said.
Dev Gurung has suggested that presidium within the legislative-parliament should be formed. Gurung, however, said that a majority of the members was in favour of the presidential system.
Politburo members wanted to add two more to their proposed 13 states within the federal structure.Bhote Lama and Sherpa states ought to be carved out of the western and eastern mountainous districts, respectively. Twenty-five Politburo members took part in the discussion.