Married women betray better halves

KATHMANDU: Ambika Tamang (name changed) abandoned her husband Mahesh Tamang, who had gone to Malaysia for work and started an illicit relationship with another man because of her 'biological’ need.

In a statement Ambika gave to the police, she said, "My husband worked in Malaysia since 5 years. He came home only once a year. The man with whom I choose to live now fulfiled my desires when my husband was away."

"It has been 2 years since I am with this man. This is something human wants, besides money. So what if I have taken his money, he can earn for himself again," she said, adding, "I have wasted my precious years waiting for my better half".

Mahesh had filed the case in Mangalpur, Chitwan on January 1, 2009.

Ambika is not the only married woman betraying her husband and eloping with another man. Bishnu Chaudhary hailing from Kathmandu, married to Ram Narayan Chaudhary, who was working in Dubai since 7 years, gave a similar statement to the police when interrogated. The case was filed on January 25, 2010.

"I heard my husband was staying with another woman in Dubai and they were sharing everything," Bishnu told the police.

"For some days, I was quiet for the sake of my kids, but later on I contacted my boyfriend and entered into a new relationship." She said that she also took away money her husband sent her from Dubai.

New trend is hitting the middle-class families all over Nepal, where 99 per cent of married men, many of them returning from work abroad, are complaining that their better halves betrayed them not only by eloping but also taking away the property with them, says Nepal Police (NP) spokesperson and Deputy General of Police (DIGP) Bigyan Raj Sharma, highlighting the recent trend.

According to him, men in their age brackets 30-35 are mostly filing the complaints against their better halves.

Statements recorded by the police from the victims (Husbands) are heart-rending.

One of the victims, giving his statement to police on condition of anonymity, yelled and cried, saying, "Nothing is left for me. Whatever I have earned until now is all taken by my wife…"

He continued, "Before I left my country, I have left all my savings with her. After I went abroad, I kept sending home every single penny I earned through hard labour. All the cash I had sent to my wife is gone with her, nothing has been left. "My wife betrayed me and took away everything," he lamented.

Superintendent of Police, Sher Bahadur Basnet, Metropolitan Police Range (MPR), revealed two recent cases from the police file.

The women who deserted their husbands have also victimised their children, living to fend for themselves, said Sharma, adding that the mental anguish of the father is likely to result in insecure future for the kids.

"Who will take care of the abandoned children is a tricky question," remarks Sharma.

Once the wife knows that her husband is coming home, she goes away to another district or out of the country. "Police is helpless in such cases," Sharma said, adding, 95 per cent of the women who have eloped or have entered into illicit relations with other men are fleeing the country, while only 5 per cent of them come to terms with her better halves. "Complaints from married men outnumber the complaints filed by married women,"