Media’s role in new political

Kathmandu, May 3 :

Media experts today said the media had an important role to play at this crucial juncture in Nepali politics. They emphasised the Nepali media’s role in educating people about the formation of a constituent assembly.

“The media certainly has an important role to play at this critical transition period,” former president of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ), Tara Nath Dahal, said while addressing a media forum on “Media Development and Poverty Eradication” organised by the Nepal Press Institute to commemorate the World Press Freedom Day. The first priority of journalists should be to fight for the freedom of media,he said.

Dahal regretted that the National Planning Commission had not linked the media’s role to the overall development of the country . Other participants too said that developmental works could not continue apace without the participation of media.

“Countries with greater press freedom achieve the MDGs quicker,” said Farukh Faizal of the International Media Support.

Laxman Upreti of the Nepal Federation of Environmental Journalists highlighted the need to cover developmental issues like agriculture.

Devendra Gautam of the Editors’ and Publishers’ Society urged the media to educate people on constituent assembly to ensure their active participation in the process.

Hem Raj Gyawali of Kantipur Publications said press freedom that has been earned with great difficulty should be utilised for the development of the country.

Head of the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of the Tribhuvan University, Lal Deosa Rai, said the new generation of Nepali journalists is competitive. Rai said martyrs’ children and those injured in the recent people’s movement, who are interested in media studies, should be provided scholarships.