Meet of student unions inconclusive

Kathmandu, August 7:

The second meeting between the eight students unions and the ANNISU-R was held here today, but ended inconclusively.

Besides the representatives of the eight students unions, several indigenous students leaders were also present during the meeting.

President of the All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union Revolutionary (ANNISU-R), Lekhnath Neupane, while addressing the meeting between the students unions organised by the Maoists students wing to form a broad republican students’ front, said the meeting was organised to form a broad republican students’ front and “oppose the forces trying to keep the nation in status quo.” “We want to unite all the students to create pressure on the government from the streets,” he said.

Neupane said this front is necessary to prevent the Maoists from going back to the jungle.

President of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Students Chandra Bikram Rai criticized the students unions for not taking the recent political developments seriously, adding the indigenous students are for a federal republic and they are always ready to fight for this.