Melamchi-II awarded best project of 2016

Kathmandu, February 28

Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Improvement Project has been awarded the best project in Nepal for 2016 by Asian Development Bank.

The project is being implemented by the Project Implementation Directorate, Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (Melamchi sub-project II).

As part of the project, water distribution system is being installed to supply water from the Melamchi River to Kathmandu Valley.

Under the project, the distribution channel installation process has been intensified by the PID. Construction of 40km (67 per cent) out

of 60km Bulk Distribution Mains and construction of 540km (80 per cent) out of 670km of Distribution

Network System has been completed so far.

Similarly, 80 per cent construction work of six Service Reservoir Tanks for storage of 50,000 Cubic Meter water has been completed and 40,000 household connections out of 85,000 have installed so far. It is expected that about 1.3 million people will be served under this first phase through 85,000 household connections.

Director of PID Tiresh Prasad Khatri said that the award motivated the project officials to perform better.

He added they were working with the aim of completing installation work prior to completion of the Melamchi tunnel. Director Khatri received the award from secretary at Ministry of Finance Shanta Raj Subedi yesterday.

The Melamchi Project envisages suppling 510,000,000 litres of water per day to the Valley from Melamchi, Yangri, and Larke rivers of Sindhupalchowk district. In phase one, the project will supply 170,000,000 litres of water per day to the Valley.