Mercury continues to dip, reaches 0.4 °C in Valley

KATHMANDU: The minimum temperature of the Kathmandu Valley has dipped to 0.4 °C on Saturday. This is the lowest minimum temperature recorded this winter.

Meteorologist Sujan Subedi stated that the chilly weather would continue for some days as temperature in Kathmandu Valley would decrease in the days to come, Rastriya Samachar Samiti reported.

The Meteorological Forecasting Division had stated that the temperature at 5:45 am this morning had reached 1 °C.

The temperature slightly rose to 2 °C by 8:45 am today, the MFD recorded.

At 2:45 pm, the MFD has recorded the temperature of the Valley at 15.8 °C with 35% humidity in the air.

(UPDATED AT 3:15 pm)

Mercury continues to dip, reaches 1 °C in Valley

KATHMANDU: The Kathmandu Valley witnessed further slip in the temperature as mercury reached 1 °C at 5:45 am on Saturday. This is the lowest point the mercury has dipped this winter.

According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, the temperature recorded in Valley at 8:45 am today was 2 °C.

The maximum temperature for the day is expected to be around 15-17 °C while at night the level is expected to go as down as 1-3 °C, the MFD forecast.